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 Current state of generating electricity in Nigeria has been a major issue for decades and we are yet to find the solution to this predicament of epileptic power supply. Before now, the general citizens of the Nigeria, has been having the expectancy that if power generation sector or companies are being privatized and deregulated, it would usher in a lasting solution to the power outage. That is however not almost feasible.

However, Power generation in Nigeria currently peaks at 2,662 megawatts, which is far less from what a single state in the United State will generates. This is a poor and devastating outcome of what our power sector can produce and hereby damaging and crippling business efficiency at long run.

With this outrageous energy challenge, there is definitely the need of quick and sustainable energy solution which only renewable energy can solve. Being a tropical country with lots of sunlight almost all year round, it makes the choice of Solar Energy as one of the corner-stones of renewable energy  which comes to the rescue. It is so much disturbing for a country having so much resources including so much penetration of sunlight which approximately 0.5% of the landmass of Nigeria can generate over 750,000 MW of power which is like 4 times of what the country currently needs to generate for its populace, yet we are living In darkness without have uninterrupted electricity. As much as this is nice to know in theory, it becomes necessary for Nigerians to follow their telecommunication model which has literally put a mobile phone in the hands of almost all the adult population. With this model, Nigerians can leap frog their failing grid which is unable to provide even enough energy to power a small unit home let alone powering an International Airport.

With the Solar energy (renewable energy) system installed in every building and home in Nigeria, Nigerians can enjoy uninterrupted power in the shortest possible time without having to wait for 3 years for a power plant somewhere to come online – That’s if it even happens. Once this happens, it will instantly make way for industries and manufacturing companies to utilize the energy generated from Solar Power plants at a cost far cheaper than their current cost of power via diesel generators enabling them to bring down their overall products and services costs, which leads to their products and services being more competitive, leading to more employment and ultimately more purchasing power and more taxes for government.
Indeed, it is a win-win situation for the country as this will boost Foreign Direct investment into the country and make it a heaven for investment globally. To Nigerians, it is not a question of choice to go Solar today but a matter of urgency and necessity.

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